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Water is mankind’s most precious resource, and one of the most important necessities for existence of Human Life.

Unfortunately it is often contaminated with impurities such as organic, inorganic contaminants and micro organisms. Over 80% of all Infectious Diseases are caused by Water Borne Contaminants.

Without good water supplies people can succumb to all types of illnesses, the majority of which can take lives. This is why Drinking water testing is so important.


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Risks in Urban Areas:

Drinking Water systems in the urban environment comprise supply networks as well as sewage and storm drainage systems. They interact with each other and with water bodies such as rivers, lakes and aquifers, and this interaction affects the quality and quantity of the different systems.

1)      Runoff from streets carries oil, rubber, heavy metals, and other contaminants from automobiles.

2)      Untreated or poorly treated sewage can be low in dissolved oxygen and high in pollutants such as fecal coliform bacteria, nitrates, phosphorus, chemicals, and other bacteria.

3)      Treated sewage can still be high in nitrates.

4)      Groundwater and surface water can be contaminated from many sources such as garbage dumps, toxic waste and chemical storage and use areas, leaking fuel storage tanks, and intentional dumping of hazardous substances.

5)      Air pollution can lead to acid rain, nitrate deposition, and ammonia deposition, which can alter the water chemistry of lakes.

6)      Phosphate-rich sewage effluent from the growing human population in the urban areas gradually enters the waterways.

Though, the water supplied by the Government is treated to remove the contaminants, the potential of re-introduction of the contaminants into the water supply network can not be neglected. Leakages formed in the complex water supply pipeline are the most common of contamination sources of drinking water in urban areas.

The Exploding urban population has brought with it water shortages, forcing us to rely on Tanker Water. The source of this Tanker Water is unknown. This water is rarely purified, so the chances of this water being contaminated is very high.


Risks to Corporate Companies:

Corporate Companies take great care of their Employees. But the increased levels of water contamination pose great threat to the overall health of the employees. To resolve the issue, the companies resort to multiple measures to ensure safe drinking water. The various such solutions and the inherent problems and risks are as follows:

1)      Reverse Osmosis Purifiers: R-O purifiers are installed to purify the drinking water. While R-O water purifier is one of the most trusted mechanisms of water purification, installation of a customized R-O water purifier is very expensive. Moreover, the output water of the R-O purifier should be tested periodically and regularly to understand the performance of the R-O Purifiers. A comparative analysis of a Pre R-O sample and a Post R-O sample can be analyzed to understand the performance of the purifier.

2)      Packaged Drinking Water Cans: Many companies buy packaged drinking water in cans from the reputed water suppliers. The cans are mounted on the dispensers available in the market and water is poured in glasses and bottles from the tap of the dispenser. While good quality water in the can is assured, if the cans are purchased from authorized distributors and retailers, the dispensers often act as the point of contamination of the drinking. Many of the companies, who are now the Clients of Equinox Labs, were facing such problems and thus resorted to the Solution Oriented services of Equinox Labs.


Frequently Asked Questions about Drinking Water Testing:


Q) Why Is it necessary Drinking Water Testing?

A) Water is one of the largest carriers of wanted pathogens that infect Humans. Moreover, in the present day scenario contamination & cross contamination of drinking water is very common. So, to ensure Good Health, Water Testing has become necessary.

Q) Who should go for Drinking Water Testing?

A) Everybody and Anybody who comes in contact with Water, either for direct drinking or for Food Preparation; viz.:

  • Household & Societies
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Corporate Companies & Offices
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Canteens, Bakeries & Confectioneries
  • So on & so forth……

Q) Is Testing required for Packaged Water?

A) Contamination in Packaged Drinking Water is quiet common. Either the contamination happens because of lack of sanitization of the containers, or because of improper cleaning & sanitization of dispensers or because of wrong ways of handling dispensers.

Q) Is it necessary to Test water from Water Purification Plants?

A) Good water purifiers produce good water. But periodic testing of water from purifiers helps in understanding whether the purifiers are functioning properly or not.

Q) Water Testing can be done for which other types of Water?

A) Drinking Water Testing can be done for Borewell Water, Packaged Water, Sewage and Effluent Water, Dialysis Water and Industrial Water.

Q) What should be done if the water shows contamination?

 A) Simple, ask Equinox Labs for –  “FREE Consultation on Solutions”


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